Our story

Founded in 2000 by Mr. Joaquim Alexandre Lippert, LF Química was created with the desire to transmit to the next generations all the knowledge acquired and shared in these years of living in the tanneries, knowing their needs and desires.

Its initial focus is to serve the domestic market through a range of products with specialties for the treatment of leather in the early stages of the tanning process (from the riverside to the retanning). The initial challenges were great, until breaking paradigms and being able to show the market the quality of products as well as production capacity, but despite the difficulties, the company managed to conquer the market and establish partners. In this way, business began to flow naturally.

Joaquim Alexandre Lippert, founder and current director of LF Química receiving the Southern Business Award 2018 award from the Bomaz Azul Tomazoni.


Our first factory structure was in the city of Ivoti, in Rio Grande do Sul, with 500m². Today, the headquarters of LF Química is located in the municipality of Bom Retiro do Sul / RS in a large and modern factory park with 2,000 m² of built area. In addition, it has a branch in the city of Itirapuã, in the state of São Paulo, installed in 2,200 m² of built area. All this state-of-the-art structure, to ensure service to the entire national territory and some Mercosur countries, such as Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela.

The commitment and dedication of the employees have made the company a successful brand and constant growth. Thus, for the future, the company's main objective is to expand its operations to Central American countries.

Factory Park in Rio Grande do Sul (Headquarters)

City: Bom Retiro do Sul
Building area: 2,000m²
Opened in: 2006

Factory park in São Paulo (Branch)

City: Itirapuã
Building area: 2,200m²
Opened in: 2012